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Health Benefit Plans for Small Businesses

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As a small business owner, have you ever asked yourself:

“How do I attract quality people? How do I keep them?”

“How can I afford health plan renewal increases on my limited budget?”

“How can I offer my employees a benefits package without breaking the bank?”​

The solution? A Health Spending Account (HSA) or a Health & Dental Plan

Health Spending Account

Health Spending Account (HSA).

A Health Spending Account (HSA) is the perfect solution to give health benefits to all employees compared to group benefit plans. An HSA is a simple, affordable, and flexible solution for:

  • a limited company

  • an incorporated company

  • a sole proprietor

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Why employers love Health Spending Accounts:

  • Eligible expenses are tax-deductible

  • Total control over plan costs

  • Employee retention increases

  • Extensive list of eligible expenses

  • No paying for unused HSA dollars

  • Your firm pays nothing if there are no claims submitted by your employees

  • No monthly premiums

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Why employees love Health Spending Accounts:

  • Tax-free benefit

  • No Restrictions – 100% coverage

  • All staff, of all ages, regardless of health

  • Covers pre-existing conditions

  • Plans are customizable

  • No medical underwriting

  • 100% reimbursement of receipt

  • No monthly premiums


Check CRA for a full list of eligible expenses

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Here are some more ways to compliment your HSA plan:

Group Life and Disability Insurance
Although we don’t like to think about it, accidents, illness, and deaths happen every day, paralyzing families with high medical and funeral costs. You can offer financial stability to your staff and their families by adding the optional Group Life and Disability* solution to your plan.

Travel Insurance
Any time you or a family member suffer an unexpected medical emergency while travelling outside the province.
$1 Million in coverage per person per claim with unlimited trips per year, up to 60 days each.


Major medical
This add-on covers catastrophic injury or sickness while in Canada up to $125,000 per person, pear year.

Guaranteed Critical Illness
Critical illness insurance is designed to ease the financial pressures by paying a tax-free lump sum in the event you are diagnosed with a covered illness.


Diagnostic and Specialist Access Insurance (DSAI)
DSAI Insurance allows your employees guaranteed access to 10 of the most commonly referred medical specialists within 21 days of receiving a referral from your family doctor. No more waiting up to 34 weeks for a specialist!


Taxable Wellness account

The Taxable Wellness account is an optional standalone plan that doesn’t require an HSA, but when paired with an HSA, can provide comprehensive health and wellness coverage allowing employees to proactively manage their physical/mental health.

Health and dental
Health and Dental Plans

Expenses not covered by government health plans can multiply quickly, like prescriptions, dental care, vision, specialists and therapists for massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture.

Health & Dental Insurance Plans can help fill in those gaps in coverage, and all at an affordable cost. Better yet, you can select the package that offers the benefits best suited for you and the ones you love. Dental and health plans are suited for:

  • self-employed

  • employees without health & dental coverage

Choose from several options

  • Association Health & Dental (self employed/contract worker)

  • FollowMe Health (leaving employee health plan with guaranteed acceptance)

  • FlexCare® (ideal for people with no pre-existing conditions)

  • GI Enhanced (self-employed/contract worker and no medical questions asked)

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