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FollowMe™ Health Plan Follows You Into Retirement

Updated: Mar 19

FollowMe Health Plan

Ross has had a great career working as a site supervisor in the construction industry. He started fresh out of BCIT in the early ‘80s and hasn’t looked back. He started as a labourer and gradually worked his way up through the ranks and currently supervises a 20-story high-rise. Ross and his wife Alison are in their early ‘60s and like most people their age, have a few existing medical conditions that are covered by Ross’s group health plan. Unfortunately, Ross was injured in a motor vehicle accident on his way home from work recently and has been on disability ever since. He continues to pay his premium to keep his plan active.

But what happens in two years when he turns 65 and his group health plan is discontinued? Alison is self-employed and is also covered by her husband’s plan. Aging into retirement without health coverage is not an option as they do not want to pay out of pocket for their prescriptions and specialist appointments.

Enter FollowMe Health Plan

FollowMe is designed for people like Ross and Alison who are looking for comprehensive health and dental coverage when their group coverage ends. As long as they apply within 90 days of their group health benefits ending, their acceptance is guaranteed – without a medical questionnaire or exam!

What does FollowMe cover? Here Are Some Examples:

  • Drugs

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • Hospital

  • Registered Specialists

  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment

FollowMe is following Ross and Alison into retirement. They chose the Health Enhanced Plus Plan giving them peace of mind in their golden years. To learn more about FollowMe and other health and dental plans, click here!


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