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Does your life insurance give you rewards?

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

In January 2021, a 45-year-old client mentioned she wanted to improve her health and well-being and was hoping to reduce her body mass index (BMI). Increasing her weekly workouts and getting a life insurance policy were her two new year’s intentions.

To help Kayla become the healthiest version of herself, I started the ball rolling with a Manulife Vitality insurance application. Her initial health screening was satisfactory, and she was approved. As a Manulife Vitality member, Kayla earns Vitality Points® from annual health screenings. She also earns points by tracking daily activities like walking her dogs, annual flu shots, and gym visits. With her new policy in hand, Kayla was extremely motivated to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Fast forward one year

Once again Kayla earned points for participating in the annual ExamOne® health screening. To her dismay, the blood test indicated high cholesterol. Kayla immediately booked with her GP to discuss it. During the appointment, it was discovered that she had a lump in her armpit. Her GP booked a date with a specialist who was able to surgically remove it. Kayla was grateful the Vitality health screening prompted the doctor’s visit.

Woman running with her dog and earning Vitality reward points.

Kayla loves earning Vitality Points® as it increases the potential for rewards. In 2022, Kayla collected enough points to save money on her 2023 insurance premiums! She had also been able to maintain her 'Gold' level and is working hard to move into Platinum where she can earn even greater rewards like up to $1000 on hotel bookings on Expedia!

Kayla can also collect rewards and/or discounts from these partners:

  • Apple watch, Garmin, or Fitbit device

  • Expedia travel discounts

  • or Amazon Prime

  • GoodLife Fitness® Canada

  • HelloFresh discounts

  • Saucony discounts

  • Walmart, Footlocker, Tim Hortons, Indigo, Hudson's Bay, Cineplex, Starbucks Winners (chances to win gift cards by meeting weekly goals tracked on the Vitality mobile app)

The most valuable reward for Kayla was learning her lump was benign. Becoming healthier was the next best reward. Life insurance doesn’t get much better than that!

Contact me at 604.940.8617 to learn how you can get rewarded with a Vitality life insurance policy!

[This information has been prepared by Jeff Greenfeld who is an Investment Advisor for iA Private Wealth. Opinions expressed in this article are those of the Investment Advisor only and do not necessarily reflect those of iA Private Wealth. iA Private Wealth is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund and the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada. *Insurance products are provided through iA Private Wealth Insurance Agency. Greenfeld Financial Management is a personal trade name of Jeffrey Greenfeld. [Kayla’s name is fictitious].


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